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Proper wound care is essential to prevent a slow-healing wound from worsening or becoming severely infected. At New York Specialty Clinics, serving patients of Astoria, Queens and Sheepshead Bay, Midwood, and Marine Park/Flatlands of Brooklyn, the expert medical team offers advanced wound treatments to optimize healing, reduce pain, and lower your risk of complications. Schedule an appointment by phone or book online for expert wound care today.

Wound Care Q & A

What is wound care?

Minor wounds often heal on their own in healthy people with strong immune systems. However, sometimes severe or slow-healing wounds require medical attention to reduce pain and speed up your recovery. See the highly trained team at New York Specialty Clinics at the first sign of a non-healing wound.

Why isn’t my wound healing quickly?

If you have a wound that’s severe or not healing on its own, it might be because lots of bacteria got inside the wound. 

Other factors contributing to slow-healing wounds include having an autoimmune disease (such as diabetes), poor nutrition, liver or kidney diseases, lung problems, smoking, and obesity. Taking certain medications or undergoing radiation therapy or chemotherapy can also contribute to slow-healing wounds.

What are my wound care treatment options?

Advanced wound care treatments available at New York Specialty Clinics include:

At-home treatments

At-home treatment options include keeping your wound clean, using antibiotic ointments, covering wounds with pads, dressings, or bandages – especially wounds on your feet – and wearing comfortable shoes that fit well.

Specialized dressings

New York Specialty Clinics providers might recommend specialized dressings to help a wound heal faster. Examples include bio-engineered living tissue, skin substitutes, Becaplermin (Regranex), multi-layer compression dressings, and negative pressure wound dressings.

Total contact casting

Total contact casting consists of a plaster or fiberglass shell you wear around your foot and leg. The cast distributes weight along your entire foot to reduce pressure against a foot wound.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT)

HBOT at New York Specialty Clinics exposes your body to 100% oxygen at high pressure to naturally speed up healing.

Diet evaluations

An on-site New York Specialty Clinics dietitian can evaluate your current diet and offer recommendations to help you better control diabetes, eat healthier overall, and allow wounds to heal faster.

The providers at New York Specialty Clinics personalize each wound care treatment based on the type and severity of your wound. Their goal is to help you heal quickly with minimal to no pain or downtime.

Don’t live with slow-healing, painful wounds when relief is within reach at New York Specialty Clinics. Schedule an appointment by phone or book online for advanced wound care today.

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